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Our Mission

Unlock Biology’s Power to Sense and Respond to the World’s Challenges.

Stemloop’s Founding Story

Stemloop was founded in 2019 in Evanston, IL, by Khalid Alam, PhD, after he completed his postdoc working with cell-free biosensors in the Lucks Laboratory of Northwestern University.

Inspired by the cell’s innate ability to sense and respond to its environment, Khalid founded “The Biosensor Company” with the intention of delivering highly actionable and accessible chemical information to its customers. Joined by Scientific Cofounders Julius Lucks, PhD, and Mike Jewett, PhD, Stemloop has enjoyed a robust history of growth since its inception.

Stemloop is venture-backed, has global licensing for technology published in peer-reviewed journals, and has the team to deliver biosensing to the world.

Square, rectangular, rounded corner background artwork featuring Stemloop arc icon overlaid in transparent white over Stemloop "earth blue" color.
Detail of male and female in nature near water source, holding an Erlenmeyer flask and discussing its contents.

Team Stemloop

Meet the Team! The world’s foremost minds in biosensor technology have cracked nature’s code; as biochemists, molecular biologists, and technology enthusiasts, we bring biosensors to life.

Team Norms: Listening to Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” as our theme song, enjoying “StemScoop” ice cream socials, and snacking on Nature’s Bakery Raspberry Fig Bars.

Profile image of Stemloop employee Khalid Alam with text overlaid "Khalid K. Alam, Ph.D., Founder & Chief Executive Officer".
Profile image of Stemloop employee Kate Hildebrand with text overlaid "Kate Hildebrand, MBA, Director of Operations".
Profile image of Stemloop employee R Baer with text overlaid "R Baer, Ph.D., Senior Scientist".
Profile image of Stemloop employee Jordan Hauser, Ph.D., with text overlaid "Jordan Hauser, Ph.D., Scientist".
Profile image of Stemloop employee Julius Lucks with text overlaid "Julius Lucks, Ph.D, Cofounder".
Profile image of Stemloop employee Megan Kill with text overlaid "Megan Kill, Research Associate".
Profile image of Stemloop employee Mike Jewett with text overlaid "Mike Jewett, Ph.D., Cofounder".
Profile image of Stemloop employee Monica Patiño with text overlaid "Monica Patiño, Research Associate".

Statement of Values

As a mission-driven organization, we believe in sharing and operating our venture in alignment with our values. We aim to do our best for today while improving for tomorrow.

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