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About µSense™ for Lead

At-Home Testing Holds the Key to LCRR Compliance

Just as with the Covid-19 Pandemic, we can't lab-test our way out of America's lead-in-drinking water problem. Rapid and accurate at-home testing holds the key to survey impacted Americans with the scale required by the Lead Copper Revision Rule (LCRR). Stemloop has the partners and capital necessary to scale to millions of tests by 2024 to help keep drinking water systems in compliance.

The Biosensor Advantage - Accuracy at Scale

Engineered for >= 5ppb detection for soluble lead in drinking water, µSense™ for Lead provides one of the most sensitive and accurate at-home tests on the market. Speed is in our RNA, both in the rapid (<30 minutes) tests we design, as well as in our constant improvements to the features of µSense™, including exploring 1ppb detection and total lead measurements with acidification.

Peer-Reviewed Biochemistry Meets User-Friendly Design

Stemloop's µSense™ for Lead is built with our biosensor technology, a system of peer-reviewed technologies developed by our world-class scientific team. We designed our at-home test to be akin to that of a Covid-19 test, replacing a nasal swab with a drop of water.

Instructions for µSense™

1) Instructions Book

Read before use

2) Small Pipette

Collect 1 Squeeze of Your Sample

Add 1 Squeeze to Test Tube  

3) Test Tube

Add 1 Squeeze from Your Sample;

Wait 10 Minutes

Add 1 Squeeze of Buffer & Test Strip 

4) Buffer Tube

Collect 1 Squeeze w Large Pipette 

Add to 1 Squeeze Test Tube & Add Test Strip

5) Large Pipette 

Collect 1 Squeeze of Buffer 

Add 1 Squeeze to Test Tube 

6) Test Strip

Place into Test Tube, Arrows Up

Read after 15 Minutes 

Need a copy of µSense™’s instructions? Download Written Instructions


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