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At Stemloop, we repurpose biological sensors to empower our customers with actionable information to solve problems in biomanufacturing, environmental monitoring, and human health

Laboratory Testing Does Not Scale

Traditional laboratory testing can take weeks and cost hundreds of dollars to get results. This is due to centralized testing infrastructure that requires sample transportation, complicated equipment, and technical expertise. These high costs and time delays are unacceptable for problems that require immediate answers.

Cell-free Biosensors

At Stemloop, we repurpose biological mechanisms to create sensors that function outside of a cell. These “cell-free” biosensors enable rapid, sensitive, and specific solutions for the detection of target analytes. In contrast to traditional methods, Stemloop’s cell-free biosensors are engineered to inform decision-making in a fraction of the time. For deployment at scale, we produce equipment-free devices for accessible and cost-effective sensing.

Our Rapid Prototyping Advantage

Our cell-free platform is designed for rapid prototyping of new sensors. We approach new projects with speed in mind, taking each project through Discovery using our robust bioinformatics pipeline. This is followed by high-throughput Characterization using cell-free systems. Finally, we utilize our world-leading Engineering expertise to utilize genetic circuitry to optimize performance, resulting in an actionable sensor.

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At Stemloop, our mission is simple: enable anyone, anywhere, to sense the world around them through cell-free biotechnology.

Khalid K. Alam, Ph.D.

Khalid K. Alam, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Julius Lucks, Ph.D.

Scientific Co-founder


Mike Jewett, Ph.D.

Scientific Co-founder

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