Biosensors for Public Health

Cell-free biotechnology for the on-site detection of pathogens.

COVID-19 environmental detection kits will be available soon.

Laboratory Testing Does Not Scale

Traditional laboratory testing can take weeks and cost hundreds of dollars to get results. This is due to centralized testing infrastructure that requires sample transportation, complicated equipment, and technical expertise. These high costs and time delays are unacceptable for threats like pathogens, toxins, and chemical contaminants that require immediate answers.

Cell-free Biosensors

At Stemloop, we repurpose biological mechanisms to create sensors that function outside of a cell. These “cell-free” biosensors enable rapid, low-cost solutions for the on-site detection of pathogens and chemical contaminants. In contrast to laboratory testing, Stemloop’s cell-free biosensors can be scaled up and widely deployed for high-resolution public health surveillance.

COVID-19 detection

The COVID-19 pandemic exemplifies how difficult it is to scale laboratory testing and how failures can result in public health crises and major economic losses. Leveraging our deep expertise in the development of easy-to-use cell-free biosensors, Stemloop is developing a test kit for the rapid, on-site detection of SARS-CoV-2.

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At Stemloop, our mission is simple: enable anyone, anywhere, to sense the world around them through cell-free biotechnology.

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